Committed to assuring visitors to Juneau come to love and appreciate our piece of Southeast Alaska, Alaska Pedicab is a team of hearty Alaskan's committed to creating an experience for every visitor, from the young to the more wise.  We understand taking care of people, as we are also teachers, social workers, health professionals, part of military families, and customer service managers.  Whether we can pedal you into Downtown or we spend a day together, we guarantee to be a talking point of your visit to Alaska, and our capital city, Juneau.  

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Sue, Pedicab Driver/Tour Guide

A 12 year resident of Juneau, having arrived with the Coast Guard and 3 daughters in 2002, Sue is passionate about Juneau, the outdoors, and especially our mountains!  Having lived all over the United States, she now considers Juneau very much her home, and loves to share it's beauty and history with visitors.  Being friendly and helpful is natural for Sue and her welcoming energy makes everyone feel at home in Juneau.  Sue spends the school year as a home-school teacher, enjoys running, cycling, a range of other athletic endeavors, reading, and about any outdoor adventure. 



James, Owner/Brand Ambassador/Guide